Team Ika 05/18/2003 Update

Hi Ho Race Fans:

Team Ika is off to Spokane for a weekend of racing, practice on the 24th and racing on the 25th.

Spokane is a great track for Team Ika, despite the long front straight. The far turns and back side have some very interesting terrain and hairpins.

Team Ika will be sporting, hopefully, two bikes for the first time. Last years mechanic and "Crash-Boy calmer-downer", Don Marr, has completed his novice weekend and will be competing for the first time on his new ride.

Bike #146, the original Team Ika ride, has gotten some updates and bits over the last three weeks. There is a new front fork brace fabbed from an old '70s motocross bike. New front fender, and the back fender went away, replaced by a diamond plate splash guard inside the frame. New K & N air lifters will hopefully let the little bike breath better, new rubber for sliding. A spiffy new dash and switch plate up front, also of diamond plate. New perches, levers and grips, all of which match (!). Alas, the Bob the Builder crankcase vent collector did not last so it has been replaced by a shiny aluminum canister. Side covers have been ditched to save weight.

That's about it. Team Ika is grateful for all the support it has received. Specifically, I would like to thank Don Kemp and Darryl Richman who coughed up most of the entry fees for this upcoming race. I'll be scraping pucks for both of you guys! Thanks!!

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