LCL 2001

                                                                                                      LB1 at Rest                           Duuh Winnah!

David and Greg were the Unwelcoming Committee. The L.B. sits in stong contrast to her '99 appearance.  Carlo gets the Rock.
Brick administers the Oath of Orafice.

Don and Carlo hold up the Jeffrey Hotel, Deesar does the same at Granzella's where Don thinks of his long lost relatives, and Carlo
gets in trouble with his Rabbi.

Fulton, David B. and Don are joined for lunch by Jeff Mann and the three hotties mug after a ride up 1 to Legget.
Speaking of Hotties? Hey, Andrew (you, too KH).

More hot stuff with Web Boy and Kevin.  L.B. is okay with it all.  Don gives Crash an under the table reward for not breaking parts.

Spike, Ken in the foreground.

I believe this is the "Adults Table"      Darryl enjoys the great music.   And the thing here between Tai and Don?
Optical illusion.

The accordion snatch was worried Don was gonna drop his pants.  Fulton got dressed up and Darryl, Carlo and
Someone were trying to shock the Idiotic Gay Contingent with our threesome.

LCL 2001 From Spike: