Village Idiots Around the World

Shibumi at Mt. Rushmore;  President Reagan at left, Bush partially obscured by Boomie's shoulder.

Tai puts the boot in

Tai puts the boot in.

Tim takes it to new heights at Kitt Peak

Tim takes it to new heights at Kitt Peak.

Sean Connery

Popeye the Sailor, Man.

Spike the Sailor, man, in front of his personal battleship.

Duner on the Grand Canal

Duner and Death in Venice

Von Schtein in Scotland

Fulton weeps in British Columbia

A humiliated Fultoon falls to his knees weeping in a British Columbian zoo
while Canadians sing, laugh, take pictures and blow bubbles at him.

Junji on Ice
Junji sings Oh Canada.  Tolerant family looks on.

Edson in Napa Valley

Edson "Candide"  in Napa Valley


Magwa in Virginia

Chump d'Elysees

Free Man in Paris:  Chump d'Elysees on the Champs Elysees

James Dean's Grave
Smith honoring the Deaner.

Dangerous Idiotic Threat at Olympics

The Olympic Organizing Committee never knew how close they came.  Dangerous Don M. at the Olys.

Holiest Place in the New World

Village Idiot pilgrim at the holiest place in the New World

Big Bone Lick
 Smith licks the big one.

  Pete Lizdas looking for coveralls in New Idria, CA.

Carlo Ratzersdorfer and Bruno foreground.  Duner Tor in background


Parisian Bistro
Ernest Hemingway took this picture in Paris circa 1933.

Herb Johnson at Dahlonega Music Festival

Astoria, Oregon
Left to Right:  Fronch, Magwa, Duner at Astoria, Oregon looking at Washington, waiting for Dan Arnold.  Duner said it was so beautiful waiting there, he was willing to wait forever.

Unidentified Idiot in Old Mexico

    Colin Gibson, Howick, New Zealand before winning his class at Pukekohe Raceway.

    Don Lescoulie at the House of Mayo, Howick, New Zealand.

    Gene Rankin on a boat in the South China Sea.